Who's Who


Thrive Practitioner

I am Kirsty Burridge. I am blessed to have three beautiful and amazing daughters and a super supportive husband that has helped me to fulfill my ambitions. I have been a primary school teacher for over 20 years. I am passionate about ​children's education and believe that all children need an education, however, not all children need that education to be within a mainstream setting.

My learning centre has been a dream of mine for a very long time and I am very excited to now be able to share my dream with you and your children.

The centre is growing and it is now bigger than I ever expected. It makes me so humble to know that it is reaching out and touching so many who have been looking for something more for their children. 

In our centre, pupils with SEND are encouraged to discuss their concerns. The D.S.L. works with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) to identify pupils with additional communication needs and whenever possible, these pupils are given the chance to express themselves to a member of staff with appropriate communication skills.


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Deputy Principal/Pastoral Lead/S.L.T./Safeguarding Lead (D.S.L.)/Thrive Practitioner

I am Sarah Davidge, a proud mum of two boys and I absolutely love working at Blue Sky Learning. I adore children and believe that they should be allowed to be individuals and that they do not come in one size fits all. Within our unique setting, children can learn, explore, flourish and grow and they all have support from a team who can truly say, they have the best aspirations for all who attend. I particularly like outdoor learning as well as working with the animals. It's the best feeling in the world, watching someone gain confidence to fly.

I.C.T. Lead/S.L.T./Deputy Safeguarding Lead/Learning  Mentor/ Thrive Practitioner

I am Louiza Bruce. My background is diverse and I have had a broad range of employment over the years, however, my passion lies with education and supporting SEMH learners. I have worked within this sector for over 10 years and my last role was head of Creative Technology fo 5 years. My expertise in teaching and supporting both the student and their families, has proven successful over the years, with my pupils continuing on to make excellent progress.


I am pleased to be working at Blue Sky and having the opportunity to support the children that attend.   

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P.H.S.E. Lead/Nurture Centre Manager/Learning  Mentor

I am Emme Farr. I am a military wife and a mum to our amazing son.

After moving around for the past 10 years supporting my husband's career, we have now bought our forever home in Calne.

While bring posted around Wiltshire and Hampshire, I have spent the last 8 years working in Garrison Early Years settings. My previous role was a maternity cover, deputy and Senco, in which I gained experience with EHCP's and my level 2 in understanding autism.

I enjoy delivering P.H.S.E. at Blue Sky, as it prepares the students for their future development.

Learning  Mentor/Outreach Practitioner

I am Zoe Phillips. I have worked in a few different schools over the past few years supporting children with additional needs.

Working for Blue Sky, has allowed me to work at my full potential, to support the children that need that little bit extra to help them succeed and excel in all areas of development.

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Science Lead/Learning  Mentor

I am Jen Koehler. I was born and raised in a small town in Germany and moved to England in 2018 to go to university.

I have previously spent time working as a TA and a volunteer cub scout leader, and at Blue Sky I was given the opportunity to make my passion for working with children my full time profession.

I believe that every child deserves a chance to thrive and like learning and I enjoy supporting them with that every day. Especially if we're making a fun mess learning about science!

Outdoor Lead/Learning Mentor

I am Lisa Farmaham. I am a military wife and proud mum of my son and a crazy Sprocker Spaniel.  I enjoy spending time outside and believe that children can learn great things outside of the classroom, whilst enjoying the fresh air and having fun. To be able to see the children grow in confidence and begin to believe in themselves is a wonderful thing.  I have worked in different main stream settings over the last few years and also spent time in a special school working with children with complex needs of autism and behaviour challenges.  


Business Manager

I am Gemma Weston. I'm a proud mum to my young children and the owner of two crazy cats.

You will find me greeting the children in every morning and then in the Blue Sky office. Blue Sky Learning has provided me with the perfect administrative role in which I can also interact with the children and enjoy all their individual personalities.